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Trailer Talk is a live performance, a community event and a broadcast. I drive my vintage camper to Main Streets, festivals and events. People step inside, I welcome them with homemade brownies and we sit down to talk over the kitchen table. It’s goal is to bring attention to important issues where least expected, on the streets and in people’s neighborhoods. At Trailer Talk events, the kitchen table represents the democratic tradition of public dialogue that values the coming together of diverse and often opposing voices to create common ground and inspire social change.

Even though my 1965 Beeline trailer is tiny, its kitchen table is large enough to seat "One third of the Nation", so please come on in and join us for this traveling salon and portal of possibility.

"Live on the road, from the kitchen table, from my neighborhood to yours."

The half-hour radio show broadcasts on WJFF Radio Catskill in Jeffersonville, NY, Geneva Community Radio in the Finger Lakes Region of New York state, WIOX in Roxbury, NY, KWMR in Point Reyes Station, CA, KDVS in Davis, CA, WFTE in Scranton, PA, and WXPI in Williamsport, PA.

If you would like to broadcast Trailer Talk on your radio station,
please contact us.



Trailer Talk will be at the Binghamton public DEC hearing on November 17. There will be a rally to ban fracking outside the Forum Theater at noon, one hour before the start of the first public hearing from 1-4pm. A second rally at 5 pm will precede the second hearing from 6-9 pm. Following the rallies, those who wish to comment publicly on the DEC’s SGEIS will head inside while the rally will continue outside. Come speak out about fracking, support the ban, chat with me at Trailer Talk, and celebrate the power of the people!

The Forum Theatre
236 Washington Street, Binghamton, NY

You will also find Trailer Talk at the Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) special meeting for the commissioners to consider draft natural gas development regulations. The meeting will take place on November 21, 2011 from 10 a.m. to 12 noon in the Patriots Theater at the War Memorial, 1 Memorial Drive, in Trenton, N.J. The doors to this public meeting will open at 9:30 a.m. A presentation summarizing the proposed regulations will be provided prior to the vote by the commissioners. The November 21 meeting will not include a hearing to accept comments from the public prior to the anticipated vote.

Mobile Devices Lurking
Sabrina Artel's Trailer Talk has been selected as one of the 50 case studies from various cities and countries that make up an exhibition at the ACVic Centre d’Arts Contemporànies in Barcelona, Spain from November 15, 2011 through January 15, 2012. Ideas about territory, society and education are present in most case studies presented in the exhibition. Read more about the exhibition here.

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Trailer Talk on the West Coast
On Saturday, Nov. 12, Trailer Talk was a featured part of the MAK Center for Art and Architecture's 'MAK Day' in West Hollywood, California.

Trailer Talk Now Heard on WIOX!
We're excited that the weekly half hour Trailer Talk can now be heard on WIOX a new radio station in the Catskill Mountains of Roxbury, NY, in Delaware County on Wednesday afternoons from 1:30 - 2PM.

The FRACK TALK Shale Project
Click here to learn more about our special project examining the many complex economic, social, and environmental issues gas drilling in the communities in the Marcellus Shale region and to encourage discussion and participation by community members on all sides of this challenging issue.

Frack Talk Marcellus Shale Project

Now on AlterNet!
You can now read Trailer Talk's Frack Talk Shale Project audio shows every week on AlterNet.

Road Sessions
How safe is Natural Gas? Sabrina and Trailer Talk traveled on February 19th with Mayor Calvin Tillman from Dish, TX where they can't breathe the air to visit folks in Dimock, PA where they can't drink the water. Industry extremists and the people being sacrificed for the Shale are really all being used by the energy corporations. Who and what is being sacrificed for the Shale? What's happening in your neighborhood? All viewpoints welcome as always.

On January 25 in Albany, NY Trailer Talk joined hundreds of environmentalists and politicians who rallied at the state Capitol calling on the DEC to abandon the Environmental Impact process for natural gas drilling in the state.

Now Heard on WFTE!
We've been picked up by WFTE! The Trailer Talk half hour weekly radio show will begin airing on WFTE Community Radio, the voice of NEPA's Progressive Community in Scranton Pennsylvania. Their antenna was just raised and Trailer Talk is thrilled to be a part of their launch.

Trailer Talk can also now be heard every Tuesday from 5 to 5:30 pm(PST) on KWMR West Marin Community Radio ‿Homegrown Radio for West Marin, California" ‿0.5 FM Point Reyes Station and 89.9 FM Bolinas & Stinson Beach. Thanks Lyons Filmer(Program Director) for sharing Trailer Talk with your neighborhood! "Culture and politics, from small-town & big city, ‘round the red vinyl booth," (as you say).

Sabrina Artel Joins 51%
Sabrina's reports and commentaries can be heard on WAMC Northeast Public Radio's, 51% ‿The Women's Perspective51% broadcasts weekly throughout the U.S. on public and community radio stations, some ABC Radio Network stations, Armed Forces Radio stations around the world and on the Internet. Thanks Susan Barnett, 51%'s producer and host for including Trailer Talk in the show!

If you know any station that would like to air Trailer Talk please let us know!

Sabrina Artel Featured on GRITtv
Trailer Talk's Sabrina Artel was interviewed by Laura Flanders for a GRITtv episode about natural gas drilling and it's potential impact on the New York City water supply.
Click Here to Watch the Video!


Podcasts Too!



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